Classical Chinese Acupuncture in Pittsburgh

Acupuncture in Pittsburgh

Welcome to Pittsburgh Classical Acupuncture, under the direction of Licensed Acupuncturist Andrew Macfarlane MS L.Ac. Classical Chinese Acupuncture, which is distinct from commonly practiced acupuncture, is a very rare and ancient holistic medical system. Encompassing a complete understanding of the nature and development of health and illness, it excels in precisely tailored, individualized, and highly effective treatments for an incredibly wide array of conditions. Classical Acupuncture is acupuncture as it was during the height of its development, in all its richness and complexity. Learn More.

Why Choose Pittsburgh Classical Acupuncture?

  • I am incredibly passionate about Classical Acupuncture and my work as a healer.
  • The only Acupuncture Clinic in the Pittsburgh area utilizing all 68 of the classical acupuncture meridians, allowing for highly precise treatment of almost any disorder, and without relying on the use of herbs for effective treatment.
  • I offer dietary, nutritional supplement, and lifestyle guidance as well as adjunctive therapies such as cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and tui-na massage at no additional charge.
  • Every treatment is customized to the individual. I address both the root cause of your condition while at the same time treating the symptoms, and I educate you how to get well and stay well once you are better.
  • I offer daytime and evening appointments 5 days per week.
  • I am fully State Licensed and use only sterile, single use, disposable needles.