Acupuncture Testimonials

Dear Andrew,

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the professional, insightful, effective treatment that I have received from you… My physical condition of hypertension, shortness of breath, lack of energy and lethargy has responded so positively while under your care.

I have had extensive experience with acupuncture treatment for the last five years, and I must say that your particular aptitude and natural affinity both in diagnostic conversation and applied technique are remarkable. The results you produced in dealing with me as a client was reassuring and produced a new feeling of hope regarding my recovery of full health.

I only wish that you were not leaving the New York area, as I would without hesitation follow you to your private practice if it were geographically possible…

I remain with deep appreciation and every good wish for your continued success.

Montgomery Taylor

Have you become tired of traditional medicines and treatments not doing anything beneficial? There came a time in my life where I had tried literally everything to treat chronic migraines only to be utterly disappointed, and with a thinner wallet. Not only that but the drugs that were prescribed to me were later recalled because of being mislabeled…unbelievable. Several side effects did result from taking the wrong medicine and after CT scans and a MRI, I finally decided to go with my original instincts and try acupuncture. The spirit of this gentleman is quite rare and unexplainably unique. His approach is very sophisticated and precise mainly due to his thorough education and devotion to his trade. I felt like I was sitting across from a dear friend that truly wanted me to feel better. He not only listened to my ramblings but took notes and recommended dietary changes and supplements that I am confident have had a profound impact on my whole state of wellness. This isn’t a hoax, for all of you skeptics…go have a talk with Andrew and see what living a pain-free, vibrant existence truly feels like.

Aaron H

I feel compelled to write about how Andrew and Classical Acupuncture have helped me with my PTSD. I hope that a little context might help you see just what a miracle it’s been for me.

I’ve dealt with this problem for all of my adult life as the trauma I suffered happened when I was a child—happened multiple times when I was a child. I began to look for help when my own child was born. Back then I only knew that I was reliving that horror every day, and I didn’t want it to affect my baby. But there was no help then.

After years of looking, I finally found a cognitive behavioral therapist who told me what it was. I thought I had a character flaw. Instead I had a common reaction to trauma. She helped me tremendously with my thoughts regarding my experience. But my body still held onto that trauma, and it was not letting go. My mind could not will my body to get rid of the muscle memory that had produced so many flashbacks, flashbacks that I think were ways of trying to change the outcome of those days or protect me from more abuse by reminding me how dangerous the world could be.

I found my way to Andrew and acupuncture because I was trying to get help for my kid’s sleep problems. Andrew really helped my son. So, even though I thought my problem was too big for any set of needles to combat, I became curious. I talked to Nikki to find out more about her reasons for bringing Andrew into her practice. They were compelling. Nothing could have surprised me more than how much acupuncture has allowed me to let go of, not only my flashbacks, but also the constant body awareness of that trauma. After eight weekly treatments I feel like I’m taking back my body. I actually feel strong again. For me, this is a miracle.

S.H., Pittsburgh

Incredible experience! This is the first review I’ve ever written but I’ve had such an amazing experience with Andrew, I’m excited to tell others about his practice. I have suffered with lower back pain since the birth of my son in June 2010. I’ve been to multiple doctors for help and their answers were to take pills. The pain got so severe that it was hindering every aspect of my life, from becoming inactive and gaining weight to not being able to play with and hold my son. I decided to give Andrew a try after my husband went to him for help with his migraines and talked very highly of him and his practice. After one session with Andrew I felt better, like immediately. I had no idea the benefits would be so immediate and being able to get up off of the table and stand up straight and feel no pain was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. The next day I felt even better. I’ve seen him three times and I’m feeling better than I have for three years. Andrew is professional, caring and friendly and I’m very thankful for his knowledge and expertise in helping me return to an active lifestyle.

Kristina Hoover

My 5 star rating is for the acupuncture services offered through Evolve Wellness Spa. Andrew Macfarlane is the acupuncturist at Evolve and he is amazing. From a personality standpoint, Andrew encompasses all the traits you could hope for in a health care professional; he is caring and sincere, honest and completely trustworthy, and he is so enthusiastic about and dedicated to his acupuncture practice. In sum, he’s just the kind of person you can feel relaxed and comfortable around when you are discussing all your personal health issues and he’s just the kind of person you can feel confident in as acupuncture needles are placed.

As an acupuncturist, Andrew is very talented. I’ve been to other acupuncturists but Andrew is the only one who was able to effectively diagnose and treat my condition. Now my health is great! I am so thankful that I found Andrew and could benefit from his immense knowledge and effective treatments. 

I recommend the acupuncture services of Andrew Macfarlane to everyone I talk to. Seriously, I probably sound like a broken record because I’m always saying “you know, acupuncture would help with that – you should go see Andrew at Evolve on South Highland.”

I hope this review helps persuade anyone who is curious about acupuncture to check it out. If you go and see Andrew at Evolve I can promise that you will have a good experience.

Rebecca D., Pittsburgh

I moved to Pittsburgh, from Southern California, with no health care practitioner to go to, and was lucky to find, a Classical Acupuncturist, by the name of Andrew Macfarlane MS, L.Ac.. There were both physical symptoms, and emotional symptoms from my relocation. Aside, from helping me to overcome repeated bladder infections, Dr. MacFarlane, helped me with my weepiness, and anxiety about being in a new place. In the winter, I was extremely ill with a horrible cough. I made the investment of seven successive treatments for myself. My cough went away, and I have a sense of clarity, and re-awakening that is gratefully welcomed this spring. I truly have Doctor MacFarlane’s wisdom and expertise to thank for that. He is also a wonderful listener, and bright, cheery presence. Energetically, his heart and mind seem to be in full participation to fathom, and execute his needles, with an affect that reaches more than just my physical sense of self. I am very happy to have found an alternative medical practitioner who can approach me on more than just a physical level. I have noticed that I am having a much easier time of sitting in meditation, and quieting my mind.
Dana Twigg, Massage Therapist, Pittsburgh, PA

I was not sure how acupuncture could be relevant in my life but after going to Andrew MacFarlane I found out how wonderful it is. He is truly a professional and very impressive with his skills. I started out with sleep problems that moved into digestive issues and then in August I had a bad fall. He helped to hasten the healing process and the pain that accompanied it by half the normal time. I not only find acupuncture so relevant for me but extremely important for keeping me healthy. I will continue making it a part of my life. Fabulous work, Andrew!

Tracy Morford

I have also been getting acupuncture treatments from Andrew MacFarlane and he has helped me immensely. He is able to help with any type of problem, ranging from autoimmune disorders to sleep disruptions, and he is always willing to do extra research to try to help you as much as possible. I had never had acupuncture before seeing him and am now a true convert!

NT, Pittsburgh

Hi Andrew,

The acupuncture sessions with you have helped so much. There has been a significant improvement in my attitude, appetite, and especially, in the level of my chronic pain.

Thank you again for everything,

Thomas F. – Bronx, NY

The following is excerpted from a letter written by a past patient to the dean of Andrew’s acupuncture school.

“While all the interns that have had me as a client were excellent, I must point out that my most recent experience with intern Andrew Macfarlane is outstanding… He has an exceptional ability to listen with perception and patience during intake conversation and has a keen eye as to making a connection between my verbal and physical response to the series of treatments.”

Dear Andrew,

I was amazed by how quickly and effectively your treatments eliminated my symptom of dizziness caused by multiple sclerosis. Thank you for demonstrating such a kind and caring approach to my treatment. I will certainly come back to you the next time I have MS-related symptoms, since I now know that your treatments are both more effective and more safe than the Western treatment options available to me.

Robyn Ellsworth

I have recently been treated for chronic back pain using acupuncture. My treatments were administered over a 12 week period by Andrew Macfarlane… Andrew performed all the treatments in a most professional manner and the results of these treatments have been outstanding. My back pain has been reduced dramatically. I would certainly recommend Andrew to anyone who is considering acupuncture treatments.

Gayle Fagan

Andrew completely resolved my chronic seasonal allergies in just three treatments.

Robyn R., Pittsburgh

I was Andrew’s patient for two years. During this time, I got to know him quite well. He helped me control my physical pain, which I thought was hopeless! He is reliable, dependable and his sensitive touch is that of a seasoned professional… In closing, I highly recommend him.

Joe’l Ramirez

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Macfarlane for many months now on the ongoing process of reducing chronic pain in my body. Like so many of the other providers on your staff, Andrew has been exceptional in the care that he has delivered to me. First of all, his knowledge of acupuncture is vast and I often joke with him by observing that I cannot lie to him because as soon as he feels my pulses he knows what my actual behavior has been! Even when he catches me in a fib though, he laughs and says “no worries”. There is never any judgment in his advice, just compassion, true heartfelt compassion. I truly believe that Andrew feels my pain, emotional or physical, as I share issues and stories with him. Andrew is also a great source of life information, whether it is about general health, diet or relationships, he is ready to assist if he can and also knows his limitations so that when he offers me advise I believe it because I trust that if he doesn’t have an answer he will tell me that as well. The true test for me of how influential he has become in my life is that I hear his voice in my head a lot!!! He is an incredible resource for this city to have and I count myself priviledged to know him and to be under his care.

Pat Brady Rodella

…Mr. Macfarlane is highly intelligent and extremely capable as a clinician… Mr. Macfarlane stands out as an individual with the ability to think about Chinese medicine in a symbolic manner as well as its logical and practical application. He will always go out of his way to learn and apply new and different conceptual material…

James Pearl, Ph.D. L.Ac.

…[Andrew] shows an unusual perspicacity and affinity with acupuncture and acupuncture patients. He routinely produces the most outstanding results in the clinic due to his ability to make an accurate diagnosis and to then carry it out skillfully. He maintains an unusually caring rapport with each patient.

I can recommend him fully and without reservation.

Ann Cecil-Sterman MS, L.Ac, author of ‘Advanced Acupuncture: A Clinic Manual’